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By Nancy Hopkins on

10 shockingly good electricity-themed tunes

Zap away the post Christmas blues and power up your 2019 with our Top 10 electricity-themed songs, inspired by our Electricity: The spark of life exhibition.

Please note: Electricity: The spark of life ended in April 2019. To find out what exhibitions and activities are open today, visit our What’s On section

Ergh, January.

So long. Very dark. Many resolutions. Such JANUARY.

The fairy lights have been banished to the loft until next Christmas, you’ve got separation anxiety from your onesie and you’ve probably not even had cheese for breakfast today.

Bring a little razzle dazzle back into your life with our all killer, no filler Electricity: The spark of life-inspired playlist.

Together in Electric Dreams

Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder

Written specially for the film Electric Dreams, this is an 80s cheese anthem and a half. The film itself was about a love triangle between a man, woman and a computer.

Although I haven’t seen the film, I’m led to believe it’s not great, and not a patch on other 80s sci-fi wonders Weird ScienceMannequin and Gremlins.


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

OMD had originally sent it as a demo to Factory Records founder Tony Wilson who thought it was a bit of a dud, but his wife liked it so he was persuaded to buy it and release it. This led to a seven-record album deal worth £250,000. Boom! 

Electricity was also a hit with DJ John Peel, who regularly played it on his show.

Danger! High Voltage

Electric Six

A cautionary tale around electrical safety, we all though this song was amazing and the video was hilarious when it was released, but it hasn’t aged well.

NB: we have yet to find any concrete proof of desire starting an actual fire.

Electric Avenue

Eddie Grant

Despite the upbeat tone, this song was actually written by Eddy Grant in response to the Brixton riots of April 1981 and was intended to be a wake up call for politicians. You can read more about the making of the song in this recent Guardian article.

Fun fact: Electric Avenue in Brixton was one of the first streets in Brixton to be lit by electricity, hence the name.

She’s Electric


Although the song doesn’t offer up any reasons as to why the titular female is electric (other than being from a family of strange folk) it’s an absolute tune so it’s going on the list.

In October 2018, Oasis created a video to accompany the song and mark the 23rd anniversary of the release of their iconic album, What’s the Story Morning Glory?

Are Friends Electric?

Tubeway Army

Reaching No. 1 in May 1979 and staying on the top spot for four weeks, this electro classic has been sampled so many times it’s nice to remind yourself just what a belter of a tune the original is.

It also paved the way for lead singer Gary Numan’s successful solo career. Ner, ner!

Sound of the Underground

Girls Aloud

Released as the debut single by the 2002 winners of Popstars: The Rivals Girls Aloud, Sound of the Underground bagged the coveted Christmas No. 1 slot and shot Girls Aloud to commercial success.

This song was chosen not only for its lyrical references to electricity—Into the electric night, where the bass line jumps in the backstreet lights…—but also the numerous close ups that the lightbulbs receive in the video. Like, a LOT of close up shots. Bright, flickering and exploding… this video covers almost all of the things you can do with a lightbulb. Almost.

Electric Feel


Aaaah MGMT, forever condemned to be the background music to car/sofa/coffee adverts*. This song heavily references electric eels, which pleases us greatly as it means we can link you to our blog on aforementioned slippery critters.

*See also Fun, Jose Gonzales, Polyphonic Spree etc.

Mr Blue Sky

Electric Light Orchestra

Cracking tune and the band have electric in their title. No further explanation required.

Electric Worry


Our final entry comes from our web manager Mike, who says:

“Clutch are one of the rock and metal scene’s great unifiers, in that I don’t think there’s a metalhead alive who doesn’t at the very least like them (but more likely than not, they’ll love them).

Electric Worry is one of the band’s live mainstays, and from the below video you’ll understand why. It’s an absolute banger.”

Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments and we’ll round up the best into an ultimate electrifying playlist and share it with you all soon.

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  1. When I heard are friends electric I misheard the song and thought it was our friend electric electricity is the friend that powers our world and us but it can be our enemy and kill us

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