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Nancy Hopkins

Nancy is Marketing Manager at the Science and Industry Museum. She likes retired greyhounds and writing blogs.

To celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, aspiring scientist and Marketing Manager Nancy Hopkins picks her top three women of science with a Manchester connection.

If you’ve read any of our Rocket blogs, you’ll already know that Rocket was designed by Robert Stephenson, son of engineer George Stephenson. But who exactly were they? What made them tick, and how did they rise to the heights that they did?

Since announcing Manchester Science Festival headliner You Have Been Upgraded, we’ve become fascinated with the transhumanist movement and the concepts of cyborgs, biohacking and bioengineering.

With three and a half weeks to go until Manchester Science Festival, we catch up with the winner of this year’s Josh Award, science communicator Mat Allen to find out what he’s been developing for visually impaired visitors.

Gaming’s had a bad rap over the years. From being blamed for contributing to the rise in childhood obesity to an increase in violent crime, those pesky pixels have a lot to answer for.