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Manchester Science Festival

In this section, you’ll find posts related to Manchester Science Festival, from line-up announcements to other festival-related resources.

Ladislav from Sow the City CIC reports on his research and discusses what the organisation has been up to in its facility at the Boiler House in Moss Side.

Frankie from Sow the City reports on the thinking behind the organisation’s Carbon Supermarket installation at Manchester Science Festival, and discusses why shopping for sustainable food is so important for addressing the climate emergency.

Manchester has earned its place in computing history, and it continues to be a pioneer in computer science today.

To celebrate Manchester Science Festival 2022, Roger Highfield, Science Director, has been working with Professor Richard Wiseman at the University of Hertfordshire and Professor Caroline Watt at the University of Edinburgh to conduct a survey to find out what you think of virtual assistants, from Cortana to Siri.

To mark the start of Manchester Science Festival’s programme on climate and ideas for a better world, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham reflects on how Greater Manchester’s vision of becoming carbon-neutral by 2038 will also mean the city is primed to influence future progress and lead the next Industrial Revolution, through a zero-carbon economy.

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