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By Kat Dibbits on

Try our quiz about space, man

You guys loved our Robots quiz, and we know you’ve loved having Tim Peake’s spacecraft here—so to mark its final week at the museum, here’s a quiz all about space!

Post your scores in the comments, we’ll give the winners a free visit to see the Soyuz*

* Disclaimer: It’s free to everyone, and here until Sunday, May 13

1. What do cosmonauts often carry inside their boots for luck?

a) A four-leafed clover

b) Children’s toys

c) A piece of meteorite

Tim Peake's Spacecraft arriving at MSI

2. Who are “Mach numbers” named after?

a) German rally driver Mach Fyve

b) Italian politician Niccolo Machiavelli

c) Austrian physicist Ernst Mach

Engineer Ian Wright modelling a Frankenstein and Sons 'full pressure suit' Image courtesy of P. Frankenstein and Sons Ltd

3. The Manchester company that helped develop the fabrics for Apollo 11 mission to send the first men to walk on the Moon shared a name with which famous literary scientist?

a) Van Helsing

b) Captain Nemo

c) Frankenstein

Tim Peake in his EMU Suit, 2016 ©NASA
Tim Peake in his EMU Suit, 2016

4. What kind of bird is “Tim Beake”?

a) A pigeon

b) A duck

c) An owl

Tim Peake's Spacecraft arriving at MSI

5. The enormous parachute that slowed the Soyuz down following re-entry is on display alongside the capsule. But the nailbiting parachute moment from which film was referenced by our Web Manager Mike during his live blog of the Soyuz install?

a) Point Break

b) The Spy Who Loved Me

c) Band of Brothers

6. We all know the sad story of Laika, who was the first dog to orbit the Earth and died in the attempt. But what were names of the first dogs to successfully return from space?

a) Cosmo and Astro

b) Belka and Strelka

c) Goofy and Odie

7. The helmet of the Sokol spacesuit means you can’t scratch an itchy nose during the flight to the ISS. So how do cosmonauts get around this?

a) They stick a piece of Velcro inside the helmet

b) They practice touching their noses with their tongues

c) They have anaesthetic injections so they can’t feel their faces

Scroll down for the answers… 

Astronaut Tim
Testing that the suit fits ahead of Tim Peak’s trip to space. Photo credit: NASA

A detail from Tim Peake's spacesuit - the white sleeve showing the Union Jack flag on a patch



1b; 2c; 3c; 4b; 5a; 6b; 7a

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