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By Kat Dibbits on

Take our Robots quiz!

There are just a few weeks left to catch our Robots exhibition before it goes off on tour, so we wanted to test how much attention you’ve been paying since it opened in October.

Please note: Robots ended on 15 April 2018. To find out what exhibitions and activities are open today, visit our What’s On section

And the best way to do that? With a fun quiz, of course! And if you get stuck, we’ve hidden some clues to help you.

A number of historic-looking silver robots with boxy features sit and stand in an exhibition.

1. As we all know the word robot comes from the Slavic term ‘robota’, meaning ‘servitude’ or ‘forced labour’. But what year was the term first used?

a) 1890
b) 1920
c) 1950

2. The most lifelike robot in our exhibition is an android newsreader from Japan. What is her name?

a) Kodomoroid
b) Newsbot
c) This is fake news, robots don’t have names

Two small humanoid robots stand as if they are waiting to do something.

3. Some robots are used to work in nuclear storage bunkers where high radiation levels would negatively affect human workers. What are these robots equipped with?

a) Smoothie makers
b) Anti-radiation gloves
c) Lasers

4. According to our experts at Tomorrow’s World Live, could a dishwasher be classified as a robot?

a) Yes
b) No
c) Don’t refer to my spouse as a robot, please.

5. The robo-specialists at Sheffield Robotics have a simple solution for if their creations show signs of becoming sentient and taking over the world. What is it?

a) Run up the stairs
b) Unplug them
c) Just capitulate. It’s inevitable.

Answers below… 

A white robotic face with a mischievous expression
Not self-aware. Yet.

1) b
2) a
3) c
4) a
5) b

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