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We are delighted to welcome on board the Granada Foundation as funders for our Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond exhibition—find out here why they want to be involved.

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Who are the Granada Foundation?

The Granada Foundation funds imaginative projects that encourage the study and appreciation of the arts and sciences, with a particular interest in activity that will make the North West of England a more attractive and culturally rich environment.

Established in 1965, we have awarded over £5m in grants, mainly to small charitable organisations.  The grants are usually for projects in art, architecture, cinema, dance, drama, literature, music and science. These grants are allocated by an Advisory Council of experts who live and work in the North West.

Why are we supporting Wonder Materials?

We have had a long relationship with the Museum of Science and Industry and have funded several projects over the years. When we visited the Wonder Materials exhibition, we were hugely impressed with it and were keen to support it.

We were struck with how well the exhibition provides an insight into the potential uses of graphene and how it might impact on our lives in the future. We felt that the exhibition really showed how art and science can work hand in hand, using artists and visual arts to tell the story of graphene.

Indeed, one of the highlights for us is the inspiring poem by acclaimed poet Lemn Sissay, which captures both the wonder, excitement and optimism around graphene.

For us, the ‘scientist lockers’ in the exhibition was a novel way of putting graphene into context. By introducing someone who works with graphene, telling a personal story about them and explaining their work, visitors can truly start to understand how graphene is being practically applied in the world. The exhibition really encourages young people to get involved with hands-on activities and interactive displays, which we witnessed first-hand during our visit.

It is fitting, too, that the exhibition has premiered in Manchester, the home of graphene.  We recommend you see it before it leaves the museum at the end of June.

What next for the Granada Foundation?

We hope to engage more with science organisations who are North West-based in the future and would welcome applications for funding for more science-oriented projects in the coming months.

Examples of some of the funded projects and full contact details can be found on their website.

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