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Electricity. It is central to our existence. We use it without thinking about it, and only notice it when it is not there.

Where energy and electricity is in abundance we often take it for granted. We expect that we can charge up our devices wherever we go, be it a cafe, airplane, train… making us a universal consumer. But do we really know what we are consuming and what it takes even just to make one cup of tea?

Well these are the questions we are asking and answering at Electricycle Avenue on Thursday 25th October! So do you fancy going head-to-head with gold medal Olympian and Paralympian cyclists to find out?

Electricycle Avenue will bring over 30 energy-generating bikes to Manchester’s award winning retail and leisure ‘Pop up of the Year’, Hatch, where you, the public, can hop on and help create a human powered power station.

The electricity generated will be used to power up the bar, pump up the music and light up the space with LED lights, creating a spectacular light show underneath the Mancunian Way for the grand finale!

It really is going to be a cycling extravaganza, with roaming scientists, experiments, interactive quizzes from TV personality and scientist Dr Emily Grossman, storytelling, competitions,  LED light shows and live music from Buffalo Brothers, Jenna & the Gs, Kog & the Zongo Brigade and more.

We’re also very excited to announce that we’ll be joined by British gold medal winning Olympic cyclist Dani Rowe, and multiple gold medal winning Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey, who will be helping  to raise awareness of energy consumption and pedal power as you get the chance to go head-to-head on our LED bike energy generators.

MSP has sponsored and worked with Manchester Science Festival for over 10 years and we’re always looking for new ways to inspire young people to learn about science in an accessible, relevant and exciting way. Electricycle Avenue will be a great opportunity to raise awareness about energy consumption – a message made even more poignant this month following the release of the UN’s latest climate change report.

With a greater understanding of how we use energy, now and in the future, we can all make little changes to our daily routines and help make a positive contribution toward our collective goal to prevent irreversible climate change. Electricycle Avenue is a fun way for all ages to get involved, adults and children alike!

This awareness is crucial as our cities continue to thrive and the density of inner-city homes and workplaces increases. It’s clear that the green agenda is becoming more important than ever before – and one thing we can control is the way we move around our cities.

As we all know, cycling is a great way to get around … and as a keen cyclist myself I would always encourage people to give it a go. When people choose to cycle instead of drive or use public transport, this contributes to a reduction in vehicle emissions and congestion, with the added bonus of helping you keep fit (and it is often much quicker, especially when moving around Manchester’s popular city centre).

We want to help everyone unleash their inner scientist… and who knows Electricycle Avenue might even help discover some future gold medalists.

We would love as many people as possible to join us for the event, whether you come along for the family event in the daytime from 11am – 3pm, or for the adult event at 5pm for a drink, live music, or a quiz. Tickets are free and you can get them here, where you’ll also find full details of the activities and timings.

We hope to see you there!

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