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Our fidget spinner workshop has proved extremely popular with visitors this summer. But what exactly can you do with them?

Loads of you have been visiting us all summer long and making some fantastic fidget spinners in our workshop. In fact, you’ve made over 2,400 since the summer holidays began! Here are some of our favourite designs that you came up with:

But we all know a spinner isn’t just for a day—it’s a lifestyle! So we asked Benjamin Hall, one of our amazing Explainers, for his top fidget tricks and games to keep you spinning until school starts again:

Fidget Hockey

Collect some plastic bottle caps, and some boxes to make goals. Spin your spinner and use it to hit the caps into the goal. There’s no telling where the cap will go flying!

Fidget Fitness

How many star-jumps can you do while the spinner is spinning? How many hula-hoop spins can you do while the spinner is spinning?

Fidget Art

Stick a circle of card to the spinner, spin and touch a felt pen to the spinner. Can you create swirly designs? What happens if you use two colours together?

Fidget Illusions

Put three different coloured spots at the ends. What colours can you make when they blur together? What happens if you spin red and blue? Yellow and blue? Red, yellow and blue!?

Fidget Tricks

Can you balance the spinner on your nose? Can you catch it with your other hand while it spins? Can you throw it to a friend? (carefully!)

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