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If you visited the museum last year, you may have seen a film crew and some very enthusiastic young engineers-in-the-making working on a very special, top secret project. 

We can now reveal that the film crew were CBeebies and they were using the museum as a location for kids doing some wild and wacky experiments, like dropping teddies through nets and weighing cookies. It was all for Bitz and Bob: You Can Do It Too!, which will air straight after their new animated series, Bitz and Bob, which started yesterday.

The museum is going to feature in 14 episodes, and that’s only this half of the series! (the other half airs later in the year).

Bitz and Bob is set to be one of the channel’s flagship programmes this year. Aimed at children under four, the show will introduce kids to science, engineering, technology, art and maths through the colourful adventures of Bitz, a young inventor, her brother Bob and their toy friends. Bitz and Bob: You Can Do It Too! carries on the experiments and theories the main program has used in the story and encourages children to try it themselves. All this strongly links in with our own mission of ‘inspiring futures’ and our current focus on getting kids to enjoy and take up STEM subjects.

We were thrilled to work with CBeebies on the series. I supervised the filming and was the main contact for their team. The shoots all took a lot of organisation (and some early mornings) but we think being involved with something that matches our ethos so much was really important. It’s also been a chance to show off the museum as a location, and from talking to the CBeebies team, I can tell you, they loved working here and were really impressed by the whole staff.

So if you’ve got young kids (or even if you haven’t) watch out for the series, see if you can spot places around the museum, and be prepared for little ‘Steam Pink’ Bitz fans to be fixing our engines from now on!

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