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By Sophie Wood on

The joy of beer at A Grand Exposition

Talbot Mill, the location for A Grand Exposition is home to a huge variety of makers, craftspeople, artists and creatives. We caught up with Jon Shackleton and Gideon Foster to find out more about the Brewshack brewing collective and their passion for beer.

Gideon and John founded Brewshack in the summer of 2014 and, since then, they’ve developed a broad range of beers, from saisons and pale ales, to imperial stouts and sour beers, all made in their microbrewery at Talbot Mill.

The friends are especially enthusiastic about yeast, which provides a key function in brewing. Their love for this single cell organism has taken them on a fermentation adventure, sourcing, cultivating and brewing with strains of wild Brettanomyces yeast, which we’re told, gives Brewshack beers a distinctive spectrum of flavours.  There are even plans afoot to harvest unique strains of airborne yeast from within the Talbot Mill brewery itself!

Considering how they’ll differentiate themselves in the increasingly crowded craft beer market, the duo said:

“Our eminently drinkable hoppy pale ales would be guaranteed sellers, but our true passion is in mixed fermentation, which gives the broadest and most exciting flavour profiles in beer—and this is where we see the future for Brewshack.”

Cornbrook Pale Ale

Especially for A Grand Exposition, Brewshack have brewed an historic pale ale, brought up to date with an increased quantity of late addition hops.

Cornbrook Pale Ale is inspired by historic British pale ales, made with a simple grain bill of Maris Otter pale malt, pilsner malt, crystal malt, flaked maize, and brewer’s invert sugar. This grain bill is based on the research Brewshack carried out into the Cornbrook Pale Ale that was originally produced within a few 100 meters of Talbot Mill.

Cornbrook pale ale label

According to the brewers, the key to making a pale ale is the combination of both English and American hops:

“During the boil we added traditional English hops, followed by a late addition of American aroma hops as well as a dry hop during fermentation. We were surprised to discover American hops were an integral part of English pale ale recipes even a century ago.”

Tasting Workshop  

Sunday 29 October 14.00–15.00

This is your chance to taste a variety of different Brewshack beers, including the special Cornbrook Pale Ale, and discover what goes into creating them.

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