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Animals in space
By Shannon

We’ve been talking a lot about human astronauts in space on the blog recently, but what about other living creatures that have boldly gone where no other err, fruit fly has gone before?

2018 reader favourites
By Kat Dibbits

As 2018 draws to a close, we take a look back at your favourite blog posts this year. 

Free floating frogs
By Megan McTigue

You’ve heard about it raining cats and dogs, but a levitating frog? If you’ve been to see our new exhibition Electricity: The spark of life, you may well have seen a video featuring a frog suspended in space. And you may well be wondering what artist John Gerrard was thinking when he created his levitating frog. Let us explain.

Conservation from aves to zebras
By Amy Pilsbury

Find out more about the conservation science being showcased by Chester Zoo and the University of Manchester at this year’s Manchester Science Festival.

Marshmallow Laser Feast Q&A
By a guest author

For the 2018 Manchester Science Festival, audio visual pioneers Marshmallow Laser Feast will be creating a giant interactive black hole experience in our historic 1830 Warehouse, titled Distortions in Spacetime.

The great fire of Liverpool Road
By Erin Beeston

The buildings of Liverpool Road station are one of the most incredible things about the site on which the Museum of Science and Industry sits—but a huge fire over 150 years ago almost destroyed these historic structures.

Try our quiz about space, man
By Kat Dibbits

You guys loved our Robots quiz, and we know you’ve loved having Tim Peake’s spacecraft here—so to mark its final week at the museum, here’s a quiz all about space!

Exploring our collection: the canary resuscitator
By Lewis Pollard

Have you ever wondered what our curators’ favourite collection items are? Here, assistant curator Lewis takes us through his rather surprising pick.

How to make a glow detector
By Hannah Ford

Learn how to make your own glow detector to hunt for hidden messages around the museum and at home.

Six things we learned at BBC Tomorrow’s World Live
By Kat Dibbits

From robot poop to AI in hospitals, Tomorrow’s World Live at Manchester Science Festival covered all the big questions. Here’s the most important stuff we learned.

What is a female robot?
By Gia Milinovich

Robots and artificially intelligent beings in films are often used as a way to explore what makes us uniquely human.

The baby who launched a test tube revolution
By Roger Highfield

Louise Brown was conceived 40 years ago this month, launching a revolution in reproductive medicine that has seen millions of test tube babies born worldwide.