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Animals in space
By Shannon

…natural as possible. Because fruit flies age quickly compared to other animals, the research results are applicable to long duration spaceflight. During spaceflight, microbes can become more infectious and the…

How are people powered by the Sun?
By Maxwell Hamilton

Animals eat the plants and use the stored sugar for energy for moving around and growing. Animals that eat only plants are called herbivores. Other animals—carnivores—might eat those animals, passing…

Free floating frogs
By Megan McTigue

…to the animal, but instead was a physical phenomenon. and so set out to prove that. Volta said that the “animal” part of Galvani’s animal electricity was not needed. Animals

What is a female robot?
By Gia Milinovich

…society. If we accept that ‘female’ is a sexual reproductive category in biological animals, and that robots, gynoids and AIs are machines, what exactly makes one of them ‘female’? If…

Conservation from aves to zebras
By Amy Pilsbury

Conservation is at the heart of everything we do at Chester Zoo. We care for over 21,000 animals from 500 different species, hold five national plant collections, and work on…

How to make a glow detector
By Hannah Ford

…Take your glow detector outside—can you find any rocks and minerals that glow? Ambient animals Lots of animals can glow, including turtles, scorpions and sharks! Imagine if you could glow—what…

Patient X: isolate or liquidate?
By Richard Evans

…genetic engineering of humans is commonplace. Animals are replaced in labs by a type of bio-engineered test subject known as a biode. Dari is one such test subject and is…

Marshmallow Laser Feast Q&A
By Kate Campbell-Payne

We caught up with Barney Steel from the collective to find out more. You have previously done work focusing on animals and rising oceans. what made you choose to look…

Exploring our collection: the canary resuscitator
By Lewis Pollard

…advocate the use of animals in testing dangerous conditions, I am pleased that Haldane spared a thought for the canaries themselves and worked to make their job as non-lethal as…

2018 reader favourites
By Kat Dibbits

Thousands of you read the Science and Industry Museum blog each year, attracted no doubt by our mix of topical science, historic insight and random animals. But which posts were…

The baby who launched a test tube revolution
By Roger Highfield

…in Cambridge, was keen to extend research on animals to find ways to treat women with blocked Fallopian tubes, which prevent eggs from travelling from the ovaries to the womb,…

Top Secret: Alan Turing’s pioneering work
By Abi Wilson

…biology. Using the computer, he investigated processes including pattern formation in animals and the development of embryos. He became fascinated by mathematical patterns in nature and developed a theory that…